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gam·bit n.

1. A chess move early in the game in which the player sacrifices minor pieces in order to obtain an advantageous position
2. A maneuver, stratagem, or ploy, especially one used at an initial stage.
3. A remark intended to open a conversation.

…..is the brainchild of Willie Spade. It has stated erroneously it came from the X-men character. The name was not originally associated with a music act; however, never an official name, it was used musically to reference the crew he affiliated with. The first mention of the name occurred on the intro track of “The Civil War: North vs. South” collaboration album with Nah’Ledge.

In 2007, the name resurfaced as a faux organization to allow lesser-known acts to perform at venues along with him under the pretense they were all part of the same company. Without the need to lend support to other artists for exposure and performances’ the name became rather obscure.

“The Gambits my family plus Nah’ledge and the Akademy…”

Willie Spade – Intro: “The Civil War: North vs. South”

After 11 years of creating music Spade became exhausted from the level of growth he experience but the lack of impact he had in Montgomery’s music scene and contemplated retirement around the time he met Mick Swagga. While on a lunch break, he heard Mick exercising his powerful voice. Immediately impressed he asked Mick to feature on the intro track of his “Gump Gumbo” solo project. The success of working with each other prompted Spade to want to work more with Mick Swagga (Then named “Mr.”). The first idea was to utilize Spade’s connections and equipment to produce an R&B solo album for Mick; however, they collaborated again for a compilation album of a local producer along with 2 other local artists and created “Babygirl Is A Baller”.

The collaboration gave re-birth to the name “Gambit Family”. They began work on a compilation project called “Picture Perfect” which was originally intended as a commercial release. During the process of creating the album the 2 other rappers left or were removed from the outfit. Mick & Spade decided to officially become a duo and finish the album themselves while keeping their options open to accept new members. It was not long until Spade’s cousin PrinZe joined the group.

The challenge for “Picture Perfect” was to create music using melodic hooks provided by Mick, while maintaining a hardcore Hip-hop edge. With PrinZe added to the roster there were still a lot of holes to fill in the album now that the 2 unnamed emcees previously associated with the project had been removed. They collaborated with the likes of: L-Gin, Universal Ali (Then of River $ity Rydahz), J-Easy (now Jay Ea$e), Dez, Trinity, & Rodo Stax. All the changes prompted the group to alter the album from a commercial release to a mix-tape and renamed “Picture Perfect: The Negatives”. During the recording process, tragedy struck. A virus viciously infected the computer and the only way to repair it was to wipe the hard drive clean. In order to salvage the album the files that were preserved were reused, cut, and spliced with the instrumentals.
The crashing of the computer pushed back the release of the project from 2 months to 8 months. The Gambits reached out to Slip-N-Slide DJ TaylrMayd to host the mix-tape, who uploaded the project on thatcrack.com, and overnight the mix-tape received 6,000 listens and 700 downloads eventually exceeding 25,000 Listens and 1500 downloads (Removed due to issues with industry instrumentals). After the release of the mix-tape J-Easy who had appeared on an unreleased song with the group, had out with his record label and auditioned to be part of The Gambit Family, after careful consideration he was welcomed into the group. Due to the success of the mix-tape, The Gambit Family performed in Newtown and Club Fusion in Montgomery as well as offered an audition for a College Tour by F.A.M.E. They finished out the year performing in Wing-Out in Birmingham and Big Star Tavern in Prattville. They received their biggest opportunity to open for Akademy at the ING New York City Marathon in Harlem, NY.

The viral success of the album motivated the group to turn Picture Perfect into a trilogy and launch “GambiTV” on YouTube debuting the groups slogan “We In Diz Bih” (We’re In This B!tch).

After returning from New York, the new Gambit Family consisting of PrinZe, Jay-Ea$e, Mick Swagga, and Willie Spade traveled to Club Crucial in Atlanta to entered an open mic contest to receive airplay on V103 by DJ Greg Street. The artist with the most online votes would receive airplay during the program. The Gambit Family successfully won every day for two weeks, “Blow It All Away” broke the airwaves for the first time, and they have since discontinued the competition. They participated in Atlanta’s Apache Café, amateur competition, where the crowd votes on performances and received the only perfect score for the evening.
That crowd response presented offers for them to perform at “A-Town Day” and Green Briar Mall. The River $ity Rydahz asked them to open for them in front of a sold out crowd at Stuckey’s. They competed in F.A.M.E.’s U.K. College Tour and placed in the finals; however, the tour never happened. It was back to New York for Gambit Family where they performed at the Irish Viking in Long Island and returned for an encore performance at the ING New York City Marathon. Before the year ended, they opened for River $ity Rydahz for a second time, PrinZe left the group after this performance to pursue other ventures.

Before the effect of PrinZe leaving the group could set in, Uni-Ali expressed interest in joining. To finish the album Uni-Ali had to write and record 33 verses for the album and completed the task within 6 weeks. The album “Picture Perfect II: Double2ake” was intended to be a double album to close out the trilogy, those plans were scrapped and the albums would be released separately. During this time, Willie Spade with a joint venture with Future Legends made a hit with Papoose titled “Take A Look At Me”.L-Gin’s “Type of Girl” featuring Mick Swagga and Zone, received heavy rotation inside of local clubs.
Business started to pick up when WCT Entertainment the producers of the Alabama Hip-Hop documentary “Rize-N-Grind” chose The Gambit Family to star. A few months after filming, Club Stuckey’s booked The Gambits to open for Raheem The Dream. “Blow It All Away” their first music video, was released and received almost 30k views. Finally the sophomore release Picture Perfect II: Double2ake was available in July. The Gambits returned to the ING NYC Marathon for the 3rd year in the row.

To boost their international fan base, Willie Spade appeared on the debut album of Latvian producer/rapper Fakts. The 2 collaborated on “Man To Vaig (I Need That)”. The Gambits headed back to Atlanta to participate in a competition with Hustleholics and won a free video shoot. Rize-N-Grind made its theatrical premier in the Capri Theater in Montgomery, The Gambits showed up for the red carpet treatment. During the event, there was a drawing for a free music video shoot by WCT Productions, which The Gambit Family won.

They traveled again to Atlanta to participate in Ms. Juicy’s (“The Rickey Smiley Show”) open mic competition, judged by the likes of MC Shan (“Juice Crew”, Dave Tolliver (“Men At Large”) and Eddie Levert (“The O’Jays”) and more. The Gambits performed “Band In The Trunk” & “Cameras” and placed in Finals and proceeded to the final round. Most recently, The Gambit Family has teamed with Brain Freeze Comedy Troupe assisting with producing music for their rap persona “Nucklez”. A video based on the character is currently being shot and will debut soon. Their final installment of the Picture Perfect 3D: “The End” was released 21 December 2012



In 2013 Gambit Family took a more behind the scenes approach to expanding their outreach. After being approached by Tony Beckham of the local CBS/ABC/CW Channel to help create a rap persona and “Nucklez” was born. They recorded one song “Shot On Top” with a video for that coming soon. Next they decided to make a song and video dedicated to Tailgating at the University of Alabama. The video “Turn It Up” went viral and received over 100k views and grows each day and dramatically increases every football season, some hailed it the next anthem for the Crimson Tide. The song was Yahoo’s VOD (Video of the Day) and was reported on from everything to Birmingham Radio DJ’s to a Professional football players. The followed the success of the video with another song and video named “Number 15” as The Crimson Tide won their 15th National Title.
Setting out to futher expand on the concept of “Gambit Nation”, they set out to find more members, they happen to come across a little lady who goes by the name of Mz Jukebox with a unique sound, stands all about 5’0 foot with a huge voice. She joined the Gambit Nation and was the first to officially be “Shirted” She’s working on her first project “Down For Whatever” no release date is set as of yet. Prior to Gambit Nation she worked with Chason Dreamz and took part in a song “SKYZ”. The song was recorded years before the release of the music video. She then collabed with local sensation “Burn ‘Em” and together created the classic “I’m Gonna Fly” The collaboration was a success expanding both’s fan base to a wider audience and help bringing more recognition to the Gambit Family / Gambit Nation Brand.

While not actually searching for more members to expand the nation the Gambit Family came across Hoopz. A female rapper from Tuscaloosa, AL. Her talent could not be denied, and after a few meetings it was decided unanimously that she be part of the brand. Her reverbnation page is filled of original material and mixtape material. She also has already released two of her own projects already. The first project was Kodak released in 2010 showing the progression that was to follow, however it was her sophmore mix-tape All Access that caught the attention of most, her rapid fire delivery, aggression, and commanding presence instantly gravitated her a new audience. She is also featured in a music video along side Dixie-Anna, and Ms Sippi in a song called “Check My Bags”
After signing to the their new management company N&N Entertainment ran by Nate Smith, after too many conflicts of interest with their previous management, The Gambit Family knew they would have to develop a team. It wasn’t long before their name traveled to the surrounding cities, and after attending an event, they were booked and paid to perform at club Stir in Auburn, AL. Auburn is the location of the hometown rivals of the University of Alabama. Introduced to a completely new audience the crowd had no idea what to expect. The Gambit Family blew the roof off the building, including mosh pits spontaneously sprouting throughout the venue. The Disc Jockey for their show was a man known simply as “Lee”. Who offered his services if we Gambit Family ever needed a DJ. They took into consideration that they don’t have a local DJ of their own, and Lee was familiar with their material and quite talented as a DJ himself. After a meeting the Gambit Family decided to offer Lee spot in the Gambit Nation as a DJ to which he gladly accepted, he’s the latest member to have joined the out fit since it’s conception.

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