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The oldest son of Dynette Shealey children. “Mick Swagga” grew up in Atlanta, GA’s notorious Boat Rock projects. Where he listened into artist like Whoodini, 2 Live Crew, Cameo, and Stevie Wonder. No stranger to the spotlight, at age 13 opportunity came knocking in the form of a contract with a major label. Deemed too young by his mother she refused to give consent and a deal could not be made. He continued to perform at talent shows winning in all he participated in. Also during this time directing a choir(which he polished his craft with his god parents[Horace & Ethel Blowe] who were Pastors of a church).

The music life was not what the aspiring artist wanted at the time. Mick Swagga who is infamously known as “Corlion The Pope” ceo of Def. M.O.B.(Definitely Money Over Bullshit) records with former members C-Lo$, Dee, Mr Calloway, and Black. almost scored a deal with Arista with their debut underground album self titled album “Def Mob – Mob Boy$” single “Something You Can Ride To”. But the album only fell on a few loyal hip hop listeners. With disappointment after disappointment Mick still persevered only to give up the music for good when he hit the age 28 fearing that he had failed. A complete random encounter occured at his workplace when he was heard singing on his lunch break by Willie Spade. Spade asked Mick to collab with him on his title track for his Solo Mix-Tape “Gump Gumbo”.

Coincidently at this time Spade was also planning his exit from music and agreed to record Mick a solo album while helping him with the connections he made and promoting him. Mick wouldn’t agree unless Spade was also featured on the project. Spade agreed but during the process discovered that his style and Mick’s impressive vocals and range presented a dynamic that both had never worked with before. The decision was made to scrap the solo album and do a compliation that turned into an album and Gambit Family was born.

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