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New Drake Cover – “We Made It” Jay Ea$e f. Natasha T. Marie

Download this and the rest of Jay Ea$e’s Mixtape @ http://gambitfamily.com/albums/jay-eae-time/The song is a revision of Drake’s “Light Up” f. Jay-Z. Released on Jay Ea$e of Gambit Family’s debut solo release T.I.M.E. (The Incomparable Mr Ea$e) hosted by Slip-N-Slide DJ TaylrMayd Ph.D. It features fellow Canadian Rapper/Vocalist Natasha T. Marie. The footage is a mash up of footage of Jay Ea$e & Natasha T Marie’s video “Don’t Mess” f. Smizzy Hurrykane and Taurus.

[Jay Ea$e] – Lyrics
Time sure flies when you’re havin’ fun
Noons turn into nights, nights to dawn
Especially when your fun is work you’re never done
You tend to not recognize the moons from the suns
Cause I can only recognize them both as lights
I know just trying to be like the one thats most bright
Don’t pay attention to drama won’t see me stressed
I’m tryin’ turn to success G.P.S.
Thats why it’s hard to go back to what I had
Cause my present won’t let me look back at my past
Plus I change the direction of my movements
After Willie Spade taught me common sense through my music
Uh! That’s just what progression does
So don’t get mad at me if now you’re a was
If you got left it’s cause the business did the cleaning
So whatevers in my past, is in my past for a reason
And I hope the called fakes ones leavin
Cause I’m just trying to be hot through all seasons
And they never thought musically I’d damage them
Now I’m even making songs with emcee’s in Canada
Trying get wrong and remember right
Trying to make the right turns in this maze we call life
And I’m trying to look up at my own hype
I’m trying to keep up with my success moving faster then light
I Stevie Wonder the haters, I don’t see these guys
Blindly let my skills fly ribbion in the sky
My plan is to keep rising sky high
So much to hit me you would have to do a fly-by
I remember days of a shy guy
Now I’m know mostly as a fly guy
And the girls I used to crush don’t say “Hi”
But my minds on money so I smash em and say “Bye”

I know I’m a little bit late
But when I come home we gon celebrate
Put our glass in the air cause we made it
Everything that we have we created
I know I’ve been gone all day
But when I come home we gon celebrate
Put our glass in the air cause we made it
Despite what they sa-id.

And I still hear em saying she don’t listen
That’s right, selective with everything including ur advice
They hating on a chick with so much style and skill
She won’t make it anyway even if she ill
Well nothing stopping me or getting in my way
I don’t see you if your my biggest enemy
I know they heard I came from a difficult past
That makes me the concentrated version of the last
And when I make it to where I wanted to get-get
Best believe I’m Steppin-Stepping-S-Steppin-S-Steppin-Steppin on the gas
Papa gonna have to deal with this mama getting home last
Gotta keep these figures tight like a slim fast
But after all is said and done sacrifices and all
You can tell em what you seen tell em what you recall
Now she live her dream, Think I seen her buy out the mall
See me on a budget but, on a budget I ball
Pink hair don’t care look at who came along
Now just look at her go
She like something amazing, mama look how she grown
That fire sign that be blazin, finally broke out the crazy in her
Now she will blow
Broken shell well spoken hell hard work paying off
I know they can tell so I never take em off
These faders that always be scaring all these haters off
And a face that says exactly what I want it to say cause
Whats a hater to me? Whats a hater to me nothin!
I told ya’ll ain’t ready still think I’m bluffin
Just know something woman of the word woman of the desert
I travel with the heard but I never trust it ever
Snoop across me I’ll cut you off severed
It can mean like some cold as montreal weather cause she learned better
Now she’s a go-getter


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