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Nucklez – Turn It Up (Roll Tide) f. Mick Swagga of Gambit Family 2013 Tailgating Song

Nucklez debut single music video. “Turn It Up (Roll Tide)” is a 2013 University of Alabama Crimson Tide tailgating party, pop, rap song featuring the smooth vocals of Mick Swagga and the Gambit Family. Shot on location in Tuscaloosa Produced by Gambit Family, Tony Beckham & Truly Mammoth Pictures, and JEBeatz.

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[verse 1] (Nucklez)
Ladies and Gentlemen, kissing cousins and sons and daughters
It ain’t a party till Nucklez bless it with holy water
‘Tis is the season for pig skins and Solo cups
Wanna tailgate with me baby well what you waitin’ for?
I pulled the front of my “Quad” ‘tryna’ to get to the Quad
Just to guarantee that my Bama family gon’ party hard
No competition in Tuscaloosa we hardly stop
Sabin got the gridiron, Nukklez he got the parking lot
South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia and A&M
Arkansas and Florida best believe that we takin’ them.
Mississippi State to Missouri Auburn and LSU
Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, Tennessee ain’t no hope for you
No worries baby its Saturday ain’t no stressin me
Take a “S”hot at “E”very “C”ommercial now that’s the “S.E.C.”
So put your drink in the air, you down with me the most
Quiet on the set for a second Nukklez gon make a toast

[Toast] (Nucklez)
Don’t waste time to detoxify, grab your cups and raise them high
A cup of whiskey a shot of Vermouth, An elephant stomp, and some ol’ houndstooth
Winning streak thats long and wide, slice of tusk that chicken fried
Add an attitude thats do or die, swallow it down thats the crimson pride

[hook] (Mick Swagga)
This is your chance to show me your favorite Bama dance
Don’t need no Nukklez to tussle I want to see your hands
We got the plan tailgating with all my Bama fans
I’m in demand lets crank the volume loud as we can
Turn it up, Turn it up
We on a roll now
Turn it up, Turn it up
Outta control now
Turn it up, Turn it up
We on a roll now
Turn it up, Turn it up
Losin’ control now

[verse 2] (Nucklez)
We burnin up out here cookin’ under this Bama sun
Tension getting tight you can see it lookin’ at everyone
Line around the stadium everybody is rushin’ pass
Now it’s getting heated two patrons started a shovin’ match
I don’t want trouble so Nukkles had to come intervene
Drinkin since six thirty so i don’t have to explain the scene
Stepped right between’ em, and told’ em homey enough’s enough
Gon’ with all that friction we should be out here just bumpin’ cups
I’ll tell you what let me show you just how my party do
Step outside the line take a whiff and go find a barbecue
Don’t start a feud sit back and have a cigar or two
Nukklez here to get everybody back in the party mood
I got the power to turn it up at the party spot
All I needs a mic and a audience with a shot on top
Lets get it rollin’ and do it how it supposed to be
So throw your sippy cups in the “AIYR” and have a toast with me

[Toast] (Nucklez)
Here’s to the land of milk and honey, in tuscaloosa it’s always funky
In Bryant-Denny or in the Quad, Bama nation likes to party hard
All southern belles and skanky tramps, come together cup bumpin like champs
But this is T-town baby we don’t play that sh–

[hook] (Mick Swagga)

[bridge] (Mick Swagga)
Turn it up, Turn it up
We on a roll now
Turn it up, Turn it up
Outta control now
Turn it up, Turn it up
We on a roll now
Turn it up, Turn it up
Losin’ control now

[hook] (Mick Swagga)

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